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Our South Dakota and Wyoming Motorcycle Touring Company

A Time 2 Ride South Dakota and Wyoming Motorcycle Tours is a family owned company. The founder, Todd, is a Colorado native who has spent his life exploring the roads of Colorado, South Dakota, and Wyoming. He probably knows them better than anybody. Todd’s wife is from England and has been living in the US since 1989. Together, based on Todd’s wealth of experience and passion for riding, they decided to form a motorcycle touring company.

A Time 2 Ride began its “journey” in 2012, inviting motorcyclists both local and from all around the world to enjoy the majesty of our Rocky Mountain locations and scenery.

Being a past president of an Antique Motorcycle Club of America chapter, Todd has been involved in the planning and execution of many local runs, including many charity runs. Motorcycle touring in South Dakota and Wyoming has become his passion. He loves to take people on one-day rides and multi-day tours, showing them what he has spent most of this life exploring.

Join him, living the dream, good food, great people, places and times.

A Time 2 Ride makes sure that everything runs smoothly; nothing but the best. You see, Todd and his tour guides enjoy being spoiled as much as you do, and they love to pass that on.

More About Todd – A Time 2 Ride

Todd started riding motorcycles when he was eight years old. He raced motocross for a short time and, at the age of 18, bought his first Harley; a 1958 Panhead that he had helped to rebuild.

That is when the adventure began. With a sleeping bag on the handlebars and a dollar in his pocket, South Dakota and Wyoming offered an escape to another world; a world of breathtaking beauty and endless landscapes.

Todd A Time 2 Ride

A Sky so blue, so open, I could feel it. I became part of it. Air so crisp it took my breath away. There was no way out, I had to keep going. I remember my mother looking at me in my black leather on that old Panhead and asking when it was going to stop. “When will you give this lifestyle up?” I just replied, “This is it Mom. This is the final chapter.” I still wear the ring that marks the day of that decision.

I do now enjoy the “finer” things in life. It’s drier, warmer, and softer. No more daily ridged frame motorcycles and sleeping on the ground. But the open road always beckons.

A Time 2 Ride Scenery

What to Expect from A Time 2 Ride

A Time 2 Ride makes sure you enjoy these finer things. This can include top-end spas, 5-star restaurants, and great accommodation – whatever you want.

Exploring South Dakota and Wyoming is the ultimate motorcycle touring dream, as well as the top-most coveted destination in America. Some favorite places include Estes Park, Rocky Mountain National Park, Vail, Aspen, and Pagosa Springs.

Escape for a few days, or a week, and explore the beautiful scenery that others wish they could find. Taking a trip with A Time 2 Ride is easy. We have no set trips and schedules to constrain you. Just call 1-720-284-8323 or fill out our form with your preferences. We will contact you with our recommendations and organize everything.

You will generally be travelling about 200 miles per day, eating lunch and stopping at some of the most unusual places in South Dakota and Wyoming. For multi-day tours, you might be sleeping in a haunted hotel, a high-country cabin, or an elite spa. Always, great people, food, and accommodations.

A Time 2 Ride Truck & Trailer

What Else to Expect from A Time 2 Ride

Our tours are not just about a motorcycle, an open road, and magnificent scenery. Want to include something else? No problem. How about?

  • Spending some peaceful time fishing, or
  • Have an exhilarating river rafting experience, or
  • Enjoy an earthy dip in one of South Dakota and Wyoming’s hot springs, or
  • Zip-line 1200 feet above the Arkansas river, or
  • Mountain bike on single-track trails, or
  • Relax over a glass of wine in Aspen, and much, much more.

Every trip with A Time 2 Ride is customized to provide you with whatever is going to make your time the most memorable. Unlike other tour companies, we have no fixed routes, no fixed agenda. Let us know your preferences and we will tailor the trip just for you.

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