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A Time 2 Ride provides multi-day custom motorcycle tours in South Dakota and Wyoming. With as few as just two people, we can customize a tour of the magnificent Rocky Mountain scenery and charming locations to guarantee you an experience you will never forget.

Custom South Dakota and Wyoming Motorcycle Rides

If you don’t have the time for a complete tour, check out our one-day South Dakota and Wyoming Motorcycle Rides.

More days gives us much more flexibility to pack in as much adventure and/or relaxation as you like.

Choose your own Route

We have arranged lots of customized tours, each one designed specifically for the client. While we may typically travel 200+ miles in a day, if you would prefer a more tranquil schedule, that’s no problem. If you would like to stop off more often for leisurely activities, we can arrange that. Everything is customized to your preferences.

Choose your own Destinations

With a longer tour we have much more choice over the destinations we can reach.

Talk to use about your perfect tour and we can make it happen.

Choose your own Special Options

On motorcycle tours, the options are almost endless. In addition to the day ride options such as distillery, brewery, or mine tours, we can include activities such as fishing, rafting, spas, hot springs, zip lines, mountain biking, and much, much more. There’s a wealth of great experiences to be found in South Dakota and Wyoming. Just let us know what sort of things you would like to include.

Choose your own Accommodation and Food

We can recommend and organize all of the accommodation and restaurants to suit your preferences. If you prefer high-end hotels and elegant dining, that’s fine. Want to save a little on the overnight costs? Not a problem. Want a scare? How about staying in a haunted hotel? Prefer something more rustic? We can arrange a high-country log cabin. Prefer certain types of food – you’re lover of pizza, pasta, whatever – just ask us and we will arrange it all.

Choose your own Schedule

This is your tour – your schedule. We are not going to squeeze you onto a standard tour that may even include activities that don’t interest you. This is a custom tour on your chosen dates. When you call us on 1-720-284-8323, email us at, or complete our contact form, please let us know what dates you would like.

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What to Expect from A Time 2 Ride

Guided Motorcycle Rides & Tours

You will never be left alone. One or more of our professional guides will be with you all the way. Their job is to ensure your safety and enjoyment, ensure everything goes smoothly, and use their local knowledge to make sure you don’t miss anything.

Motorcycle Rental Arrangements

Our job is to handle everything, to make sure you don’t have to. Yes, of course, we’ll organize the motorcycle rental. W will normally meet you there at the start of the tour to make sure everything goes smoothly.

Special Arrangements

Need something extra – that’s fine. We regularly arrange airport pick up and drop off for those that need it. Have somebody that wants to come along but not on a bike, talk to us and we’ll sort it out. Have lots of luggage? We have a support vehicle and trailer to handle that. Our customized service is there to enhance your trip and enjoyment, whatever your needs.

Support & Safety

For multi-day tours, especially for larger groups, we have plenty of support and safety equipment to make certain everything goes smoothly. In addition to the possibility of multiple guides, the support vehicle and trailer, we also have snacks, water, sunscreen, first aid, and lots more.

Colorado Motorcycle Tours

Example South Dakota and Wyoming Motorcycle Tours

Check out our example South Dakota and Wyoming motorcycle tours:

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