Motorcycle Tours in South Dakota and Wyoming

A Time 2 Ride provides custom motorcycle rides in South Dakota and Wyoming for locals and visitors. Designed for as few as two to as many as 45 people, our motorcycle tours are personalized for your maximum enjoyment.

Custom Motorcycle Rides & Tours

Unlike most companies, A Time 2 Ride does not restrict you to scheduled rides where you have to fit into our schedule. Instead, we customize motorcycle rides (single day) and tours (multi-day) especially for you.

Motorcycle Route

Choose your own Route

Just let us know the type of ride/tour that you would like and we’ll plan it all to provide the best possible trip. We can customize everything for you, or you can start from one of our example motorcycle rides or motorcycle tours.

Motorcycle Destination

Choose your own Destinations

Exploring South Dakota and Wyoming’s Front Range is the ultimate motorcycle rider’s dream.

Motorcycle Special Options

Choose your own Special Options

Want to include gambling, a distillery tour, a brewery tour, a mine tour, a spa visit, etc? Not a problem. Let us know your preferences and we can include custom options to suit you.

Motorcycle Tour Schedule

Choose your own Schedule

Unlike, many companies, our bespoke rides and tours are not scheduled in advance for specific dates. Looking for a midweek day ride? Need something for the weekend? Want to spend a week cruising through the experiencing the beauty of the South Dakota and Wyoming scenery. Just contact us with your dates and requirements and we will do our best to fit into your schedule.

Motorcycle Bike

Choose your own Bike

It is true that 95% of our riders want to be on a Harley Davidson as they cruise along the mountain roads and admire the breathtaking scenery. However, if you prefer to ride something else, just let us know and we can arrange it for you.

Motorcycle Road

Choose your own Roads

If you prefer something different, such as an off-road experience, we have incredibly talented dirt guides.

What to Expect from A Time 2 Ride

Guided Motorcycle Rides & Tours

With some companies, your “custom tour” is simply a GPS route (not very custom) and you are on your own. With A Time 2 Ride every ride or tour includes one, or more, of our experienced, professional Tour Guides.

Motorcycle Rental Arrangements

We handle everything. All your motorcycle rental arrangements, including helmet and gear is taken care of by A Time 2 Ride. Just sign the rental agreement and we’re off.

Tour Accommodation

For multi-day tours, we will arrange all of the accommodation in advance, so you don’t need to worry about anything. Based on your preferences we will recommend the best places to stay.

Special Arrangements

Need something extra, such as airport pickup and/or drop-off?  You’ve come to the right place. At A Time 2 Ride customer satisfaction is our top priority. Our custom rides and tours can include any necessary special arrangements to maximize your enjoyment.

Support & Safety

We have the equipment and experience to ensure that your motorcycle trip is memorable and safe. Depending on the group size, ride length, and other requirements, we will include one or more professional tour scouts, perhaps a support vehicle that can also carry any luggage, bottled water and snacks, maps, sun screen, first aid gear and medical knowledge – everything to ensure your trip is a success.

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