North End Ride

See the northern hills our way! On a motorcycle!

Spearfish Canyon is the Northern Hills’ number one natural attraction and a great gateway to the Black Hills. 

We have our own way to get there. A little bit of dirt don’t hurt.


What can ya say about Deadwood but it’s a must see. Don’t get shot! They have a shoot-out each day on Main so be careful.

If you want to take a time out for a little luck this is the place for you. Gambling is Deadwood not to mention a great steak Wild Bill is still hanging out there along with Calamity Jane. Some cool old houses and a few mines.

The Sturgis ½ mile flat track

It’s been here sense 1911 and was the reason for the Rally. 

We’ll have to try and sneak in but it’s worth seeing this historic site. Watch out for the bodies on the corners. A lot of ashes have been thrown on this track. No riding on the track. Not Today Speed Racer!

We’ll meet at the Sidehack in Sturgis kickstands up at 8:30 be gassed.

Last stop is the Loud American.

100 miles. 4 stops.